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The Bucket Men


The Bucket Men Visited King And Queen

The Bucket Men And The Queen

The Bucket Men And The Queen

Royal Bucket - mod (Large)

The Bucket Men Around Apple

The Bucket Men Around Apple

The Bucket Men Around Apple

The Last Apple in the world

Since Adam and Eva ate the apple, they have been punished by God. Afterwards, they decided not to eat any more apples. But as soon as they saw the apple on the top of the tree, so red and fresh, they are very tempted.

In order to resist the temptation, they decided to cut the entire apple tree and teach their children not to eat apples any more, also not even think about apples because they are poisonous. When their children grow up, they did not know there were such things as apples. Through the generation to generation, the apple disappeared.

When the bucket men first arrived on the earth, they found an apple on the top of a bucket. They did not know what it was. Actually, no one on the earth knew what it was because, in fact, it was the last apple in the world.

Bucket Man City

Through The City

There was a huge city which seemed a very tranquil and quiet place but behind the public eye, there were serious problems of suppressed feelings and anger. The lack of genuine emotion in the city led to the citizens feeling cold and aloof and consequently leading meaningless lives.

In the corner of the city lies a shopping centre with a giant and blank billboard in the centre. Surprisingly, the only real conversation between neighbours, friends and even families was what the blank billboard would display.

One day, the owner of the shopping centre decided to place something on the billboard.  There were five figures dressed identically in a blue jumper with white horizontal stripes, dark green trousers with black boots reaching up to their knees and little white gloves on their hands.  The crowd was struck by the dark colours of the figures but what really made them stare was the wooden club on their hands and the big bucket covering their head and resting on their shoulders.

“Yes!” one of the bystanders shouted, “A Bucket! That’s what I need for myself! I want to become a Bucket Man.”

“Yes!” agreed his neighbour, “A Bucket would hide our emotions and fears and also protect us from seeing the dangers and corruptions of the world!”

Everyone puts on a bucket and feels secure and happy.  The city becomes more lively!!

New Bucket Men

Father & Son

The Bucket Man and son. "Daddy, why are you wearing a bucket?"

Baby Bucket Man

The baby Bucket Man. "Run, run, you can't catch me, I am the Bucket Man!

We visited the Royal Academy last Saturday night

DSC_3822_final (Custom)

After the bucket men arrived on Earth, they decided to go to London. Although London is a big city, they are not afraid of anything. They feel brave because of putting a bucket over their head. They cannot see danger and people cannot see their emotions. They feel safe to hide in the bucket.

Going to London is everything they want. They understand that best way to get in to London is go to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

After they arrived in London, they waited politely in the Royal Academy.  There were many people waiting to be chosen by the jury, who will decide who would be exhibited.  People talked to them and asked them questions.  ‘Who are you?’.  ‘Why do you wear a bucket over your head?’.  ‘Take the buckets off,  we want to see your faces!’.  The Bucket Men paid them no attention.  When the Bucket Men were called in to meet the jury, the jury said to them ‘Hey!  You ‘no face’ men!  What the hell are you doing here?  We do not like you, you look so vulgar.  Get ot of here, this is no place for you’.  However, the Bucket Men showed no feelings to the jury because of the bucket that covered their faces.  As they stood there they looked so brave.  But nobody knew of the hurt they felt when they got rejected.  Then they thought to themselves never mind.  There must be otherways to be seen in London.

They thought, there must be other people who will like them and accept them. So they want to try the different way to get to be seen in London.  So they want to try a different way to get to be seen in London.  They want to be famous, even for only one day.  After a difficult struggle, lasting 3 months, the Bucket Men finally arrived safely in Brick Lane, E1, London.  ‘Bravo!  We welcome you to London!’,  shouted the people, particularly the children.

London is not easy to live in. People are stuck-up and they think you are not good enough to live here.  Also, everything is very expensive so no-one can ever afford to buy anything.  However, to be in London is everything the Bucket Men have ever wanted and they never gave up trying even after many rejections.  Oh how we envy your courage, and how we respect your determination!

We love you, the Bucket Men.

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