The City of The Bucket Men

There was a huge city which seemed a very tranquil and quiet place but behind the public eye, there were serious problems of suppressed feelings and anger. The lack of genuine emotion in the city led to the citizens feeling cold and aloof and consequently leading meaningless lives.

In the corner of the city lies a shopping centre with a giant and blank billboard in the centre. Surprisingly, the only real conversation between neighbours, friends and even families was what the blank billboard would display.

One day, the owner of the shopping centre decided to place something on the billboard.  There were five figures dressed identically in a blue jumper with white horizontal stripes, dark green trousers with black boots reaching up to their knees and little white gloves on their hands.  The crowd was struck by the dark colours of the figures but what really made them stare was the wooden club on their hands and the big bucket covering their head and resting on their shoulders.

“Yes!” one of the bystanders shouted, “A Bucket! That’s what I need for myself! I want to become a Bucket Man.”

“Yes!” agreed his neighbour, “A Bucket would hide our emotions and fears and also protect us from seeing the dangers and corruptions of the world!”

(everyone puts on a bucket and feels secure and happy. The city becomes more lively!!)

3 comments so far

  1. Carolina on

    It was halloween and a little girl with a dildo stuck on her head found a piece of joy amidst the ravishing concoction of darkness and evil.
    In Shoreditch, a little bucket men man was looking terribly lonesome as a tsunami of legs and horns and breasts and feathers made vision blurry.
    Thus the girl and the bucket men man became friends, and she stored him in her pocket.
    Throughout the night he’d creep up to her ear and say:
    “It’s alright, dickhead, it’s alright- I’m here with you”
    He was her saving grace.
    I thank you bucket men from her behalf.

  2. sally on

    Just to say – I really like your bucket men!

  3. Yahya Ehsan on

    I love the story and irony of your Bucket head people. Thought provoking work

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