The Bucket Men Meeting in the White House

DSC_3839 (Large)
The Bucket Men Meeting in The White House

The Bucket men meeting in the White House

One very sunny afternoon, a little boy walked with his mother in the park after school. Suddenly he shouted “Wow! A Bucket Man! Cool! I like it. He looks so cute. I want to play with him.” But his mother held him tight and wanted him go back quickly.  As the boy did not want to go home, he started to cry. The leader of the Bucket Men woke up and thought “the little boy loves me and want to play with me”. He felt warm and loved inside. On the way home he decided to open a Bucket Men factory to make toys for children.

A Bucket Men meeting has been held in The White House. The leader of Bucket Men announced that in the near future he will open a factory to make bucket men toys for children. He wants every child to have a Bucket Men toy for Christmas. All of the Bucket men cheer up. They all support this decision very much. When they imagine the big smiles on children’s faces they all feel very happy.


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