Collecting the Bucket Men Stickers

Bucket men stickers are collectable art works. On the back of a sticker, there is the artist signature and the number of the work. There are only a hundred bucket men stickers in the World waiting to be collected. If you can get one set of bucket men stickers ( five of them ), you can get one of the original paintings from the artist as a reward.

Recently, the leader of the bucket men had given this prize to a beautician in London, who got five different bucket men stickers.  As she is the great fans of the bucket men, she is very exited about this great prize. She talked to her husband who is the most famous violin teacher in London. “Oh! How wonderful to have a bucket men painting hanging in the living room. They are so cute. I like bucket men very much.” Her husband said, ” The bucket men may want to learn violin from me.”

Hurry up! If you want to collect the bucket men stickers, please take a chance in London. You might find them hiding somewhere.
The Bucket Men


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  1. Si on

    Having found a bucket man I can confirm that it is a source of great joy. I have also seen one other blank spot when a bucket man previously resided. I am now looking for more…

    • thebucketmen on

      The Bucket Men also visited Cambridge last weekend. Where did you find yours?

      The Mother of the Bucket Men is planning to have an exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in London next year so look out for announcements.

      The Bucket Men

      • Si on

        It was in cambridge outside an art gallery next to St Matthews Church I think.

        Did many stickers get dropped during the visit?

        I fancy a bucket man sticker with wearing a “Hello My Name Is” sticker, or a parcel force sticker 🙂

  2. itchy i on


    I found one too. In London near the London Eye Hospital in Shoreditch. I first left him there, but then when i read about the Bucket Men and that you are allowed or even supposed to take them with you, i went straight back to pick him up and give him a new home on my wall. Love it!

    Have a look on my blog for the photos.

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